cyclone emoticonBringing Our World’s Together in this time of Business Abnormal

🔊A forum for owners in the wellness industry.

  • Male Grooming
  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Day Spas
  • Health Spas
  • Beauty Salons
  • Hairdressing
  • NailBars
  • & more…

All touch sectors of the Wellness Industry. Wellness because when clients leave your establishments they are uplifted from the outside in and they radiate that soul shine from the inside out proudly for all the world to see.

What better definition can that be for Wellness?!

To all the new owners joining

🙏Thank You for coming into this forum so that we as leaders can collectively define the framework for what 🤔Business Abnormal💰 is and will look like going forward. the Cc was established in the early 90’s for this purpose.

🗝️ The key is to think out the box and use what I call Blue Consciousness to feel our way forward and the Red Consciousness to do it. (the Right and left brain scenario)

⚙️ To integrate that thinking to synthesis new strategies not only to survive …. but more importantly to prosper❣️.

💡 From the best ideas will come practical things to do.

🏥 Callia who operates their medical aesthetics practice out of a hospital – gave us a heads up on what will be needed to trade – 4 Weeks ago and well ahead of what the Europeans are only now doing.

👂🏻 Anyone in this group please feel free to message me directly via whatsapp with what’s on your mind and I might not be able to engage but I will listen and take it back to here❣️

Because …

🌀 We are all in this together

Monthly Wed 10am Webinar:
“Thank you Karl, Chris, Arno and panellists for the engaging and caring way you have presented today. My first session with you… I will be back.” Hans

“With the introduction of the Collective Corporation and what is it offers to all our clients during lock-down and reopening of the industry, sets us apart from all our global competitors as the information being shared is positive, practical and most importantly giving hope as we emerge to the new normal.” sandi

July 2020July 2021 & 2023 Beyond …
How to be relevant Is the new business Add+Normal
We are past ab Normal and into the add stage.
What can we do to add to what we already do?
Think of it as +Normal Or Normal+
What can you do that is Normal+ ??
Think of your businessName+

eg : “PureAsthetics➕”

For example since covid:

➕ PrePayment for online client bookings to avoid cancellations / no shows and fraud.
➕ Your Online Retail Store (available this coming week)
➕ ESP Onlime Training academy … 24/7 training.
➕ Collective Corporation … working together.
➕ Human Resource Services ( Labour Law )
➕Wage Services … let ESP pay your staff…

⚙️ If you don’t have a ➕after your name more likely it is a ➖

➕ = Blue Ocean Strategy = smooth sailing into the future

➖= Red Ocean Shark infested dog eat dog competition