Presented by: Karl Markwald, Chris Parker & Arno Steijn

🔊⚙ Great start of 2023 & good to see the growth from last year in both Hair & Beauty.📈
Special note about the higher than expected Beauty Industry growth.💥
Appears Hair Industry stayed steady with retail whereas Beauty grew retail significantly and discussion around why the difference.
🔌Load shedding being a topic and the reversal of fortunes where Malls were suffering from Covid now they are benefitting from centralised power generators. Discussion around the effects and how to manage.
Chris noted how pure ☁ systems are affected due to internet outages from power failure. Which again backs the unique ESP Hybrid Model which allows for desktop & ☁ and automatic synchronization which is the only such solution in the world for our industry and suited to African conditions.
Financial year end and likely change to tax tables which coincides with the release of Wage Module in the ESP ☁ in December.
The Video Recording will be released in due course as many of you were effected by load shedding schedules and we missed the presence of Beth from Hair News as a result.
Till next month…