For Ourselves -> Staff -> Clients
Introduced a clean business language of Red & Blue Consciousness to engage each other with and to take it forward to your staff and then to your clients as their informal psychologists.

Blue Consciousness feels the way forward.
Red Consciousness gets things done.

As per the Native American proverb – There are 2 wolves fighting in us:
One is hope, expansion, love and prosperity consciousness.
The other is hopelessness, contraction, fear and poverty consciousness.
Which wolf wins ?
… The one you feed the most!

We as owners want to operate in deep BLUE ocean and sail easily cleanly through this covid storm. We want to stay away from RED shallow shark infested waters.

Establishing BLUE OCEAN STRATEGIES are the purpose of this forum.

Our CONVICTION is who we are. It defines us and our personality is what gives it expression and our mastery is what gains acceptance by others. This is leadership. It’s what we need most in these times of disorder to grow a new order that serves.

6 July 2020 – WA Forum

Jassy HairNews: “I just read this, written by someone online! Extremely inspirational, kudos for a great pivot during lockdown when the industry was closed: A lady in our area runs a beauty salon from home. Rather than not pay her staff she became the ironing lady. When domestics were not able to work she was super busy and it actually has stayed busy. She has reopened her salon and has employed a couple more people to assist with ironing. 👏”

Karl 💠 ESP connect: 💠 That’s Blue Ocean Strategy in action ‼️

How to be relevant Is the new business Add+Normal
We are past ab Normal and into the add stage.
What can we do to add to what we already do?
Think of it as +Normal Or Normal+
What can you do that is Normal+ ??
Think of your businessName+


For example since covid:

➕ PrePayment for online client bookings to avoid cancellations / no shows and fraud.
➕ Your Online Retail Store (available this coming week)
➕ ESP Onlime Training academy … 24/7 training.
➕ Collective Corporation … working together.
➕ Human Resource Services ( Labour Law )
➕Wage Services … let ESP pay your staff…

⚙️ If you don’t have a ➕after your name more likely it is a ➖

➕ = Blue Ocean Strategy = smooth sailing into the future

➖= Red Ocean Shark infested dog eat dog competition