Owners of outlets are taking note of which suppliers are actively supporting salons and spas to be effective in this new reality.

There is a definite NO to suppliers who are thinking and acting selfishly for short term benefits for themselves by withdrawing financial terms and other such measures.

There is a definite YES to suppliers who have created payment plans and restructured for the new business reality.

Here is a list of suppliers and what they have been up to since covid reality put us in the new business abnormal.

They are active presenters in the Collective Corporation weekly Business Abnormal Economic Weather report webinar workshop that are recorded for your viewing convenience.

ESP Connect
– Launched Online Nano Retail Store as a standalone or integrate with your desktop
– Connection Therapy
– Collective Corporation

Hair News
– Keeping us abreast of associations and their roles in protocols ad PPE
– Trends unfolding in the industry as it takes a new shape.

– Coaching and training of owners and staff to get their mindset in the game
– Innovative retail packages to boost retail sales the most vital (profitable) part of your business.

– Bridging service to eliminate the gap between consumers and outlets
– A market leader since 2018 in providing the wellness industry with a fully managed Online Virtual Retail Store for your business that handles the A to Z from clients ordering right through to delivery

Beauty Warriors
– Publishing to consumers to build confidence in our wellness industry and providing social media services