🔊 Collective Corporation Expert Panellists:
Karl – ESP – Collective Corporation founder 1995
Jassy – Hair News
Tatjana – Go Beauty
Marisa – The Spa Consultants – Salon & Spa Coaching
Arno – ESP BI – Business Intelligence Analyst
Ayesha – Beauty Warriors – Distributor / Spa owner / Industry portal
Shivani – ESP Connect
Callia – Medical Aesthetics – Hospital Based: Open Since level 5
DR Jerome Davis – Bio-Engineer EcoPools SA
Sandy Fuhr – Head of BTI schools & President of CIDESCO International
Chris – ESP Nano
Dr Liezel Smith – ESP Connection Therapy
Sandi – ESP Connect

September 16 2021: – 🔊 ESP Industry Business Intelligence – August

August 2021 allows for the second complete month post hard lockdown year on year comparison i.e. August 2021 to August 2020. As an industry we have seen turnovers increase by 27%, it’s interesting to note that this is the third consecutive month that we are showing a positive increase overall. The Hair Industry has also been on a positive trend for the last 3 months and the Beauty Industry for the last 6 months.

The Hair Industry has increased total revenue by 39% (August 2021 vs August 2020) as direct result of a 38% increase in the number of dockets however with this increase in number of visits there has been a drop in the average charge per docket. The Beauty Industry has increased total revenue by 13% with an increase of 48% in the number of dockets. The Expectation is that the increase in number of dockets would be proportional to increase in revenue. This beautifully illustrates that the more visits we have the less time is spent building relationships with individual guests which has a huge impact on the average spend per visit. Now is the time to focus staff education, target setting and monitoring of average service and retail charges per docket as we move into the last quarter of 2021.

These stats are drawn from the ESP client base that make use of our Business Intelligence service. These businesses owners are actively involved in their businesses and use the BI to track and understand the trends which allow them to formulate and implement strategies that will make a meaningful difference to the bottom line.

To find out how to implement strategies to improve your revenue and monitor the results contact the ESP Connect team for a free BI consultation info@espconnect.africa

June 30 2021: – 🔊 POPI Compliance – Don’t panic !

POPI – Summary

  • We have 6 compliance officers in the country which is impossibly small to focus on enforcement – registering yourself as info officer the only official sanction / protection
  • Their site https://www.justice.gov.za/inforeg/portal.html is down mostly record that you tried and come back in the future
  • No one but these 6 can certify compliance so don’t pay for this as there is no certificate that can be obtained- avoid the scams.
  • If anyone requests info tell them the time frame you will respond in eg 30 days and so no panic, then gather what you have and get advice if unsure ( IT technically) form your service provider

POPI Silver Lining ✨ (Karl Markwald ESP Strategic Officer)
“As a spin-off of our webinar I expressed at the end the concept that the POPI act is going to be incredibly good for our industry‼️

Why ⁉️ – Because essentially staff cannot legally “poach’ clients info any longer. Essentially the scourge of our industry is outed. You as the owner and Responsible Party own the rights to your clients information and your staff as the operators may not use the data subjects (clients) info for any other purpose than intended❣️ this they have to agree to and must be included in their employment agreement.

Which was for the client to provide your business (you and only you) with their information. So a staff member taking client information amounts to Theft … Black and White.

No shades of grey ❕❕”

ESP Strategic Thinking – Putting you first

POPI Summary of webinar

INFO Officer Legal Registration (you the owner)
All businesses need to register regardless of size, you become the “Responsible Party” in terms of the act. Every business needs to appoint a compliance officer and this should be an owner or director of the business. This is viewed very seriously and a senior person must take responsibility.

https://www.justice.gov.za/inforeg/portal.html is the web address to do this. At this time the link is switched off due to technical problems.
You can download a pdf version although the site does not say where you send the completed form. At least you can be prepared for completing the online version when it is back up and running.

A compliance manual
You must have a compliance manual that shows your data protection policies. What you have in place for data storage, when and how you communicate with clients etc.

Storage of data
Your data must always be stored in a secure place. Treat it like you would money, don’t leave it lying around.
Digital data must be kept in a secure location. If it is cloud based, make sure the cloud storage is encrypted. If it is on your laptop, ensure that the laptop is password protected and that the program, MS Excel or other is password protected.

If you use salon software such as ESP Evolve or ESP Nano, your provider should be able to advise you on safety of data.
Back-ups must also be stored securely.
If you use record cards or other physical card/paper method, they must be kept locked away at all times and only accessed when the client turns up for an appointment.

Practical example : Covid 19 protocols, visitor record form
The same goes for Covid 19 protocol forms completed by a client on arrival at the business premises.
Do not leave the form on a table for someone to be able to photograph or steal. This must be kept safely in your reception and only handed to a visitor purely for them to complete and must be handed back afterwards. The forms must be locked away securely at the end of each working day.

Access to data
Only those who need access data should be allowed to. Cleaning staff or others who do not have a need to view data should be unable to do so.

Staff who leave your employment
If a staff member leaves your business will be breaking the law if they subsequently contact clients of yours. Whether directly by phone or email or through social media. You perhaps need to amend your contract of employment to point out that they would be breaking the law in this instance.

Social media
You are not allowed to contact people via social media with the intent on promoting your business to them.

Cold calling is also prohibited. This means that you cannot randomly call someone to try to offer them treatments if they are not known to you. The same with email.

Permission based marketing
You need to have permission of your clients to send them promotional material and special offers.
A simple piece of text at the bottom of their client record such as:
By ticking this box I agree that the company may send me promotional information and special offers from time to time. (add the tick box)

If you did not have this previously and wish to send out such NEW material, you should contact all your clients and ask them to opt out of any marketing list you may have. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET EXISTING CLIENTS TO OPT IN !!! Just to be clear, opt out is a must GOING FORWRD in all communication you may send as in an unsubscribe button on email or “Stop” reply on sms.

If you have clients on your data who have not been in contact with you in some way within the last 18 months, you should delete them from your lists. However if they have vouchers or such or loyalty they remain active for as long as you decide to honour those systems.

If you have personal information about a client, perhaps their birthday, or daughter’s wedding that was discussed in conversation, that should not in any way be shared to a third party, even again, just in conversation. All your staff who are now know as “OPERATORS” in the act should be made aware of this and sign an OPERATOR agreement and have added on included in their conditions of employment.

If you know your clients birthday, you should only send them birthday wishes if they have agreed to such communication as in the opt out clause above.

It is a good idea to run through in your mind the ‘journey’ a client makes when coming into your business, what information you record, where you store it at each point of service and what you intend to do with that information. If there is an intention to contact the clients, you need there permission. If there is a possibility of someone stealing the information, or you losing it, you need to improve your storage systems and security.

June 2021: – 🔊 COVID 3RD Wave Lockdown + BI & Wellness Industry Outlook

COVID Weather Report:

Jassy Reports -Gauteng – “It sounds, from the presidential address, as if adjusted level 4 will allow salons to remain open as hair and beauty were not specified in the listed businesses that will be closed for the next two weeks.
However we must wait for the gazetted regulations to be sure of these facts. EOHCB will be obtaining these asap and will share them immediately.
Let’s remain cautiously positive. The industry has proved over the past year, that salons are a safe place and that hairdressers have been responsible and caring to clients in protecting them and keeping protocols in place.”

Karl : Thankfully our industry was not included in this 2 week locked down like the restaurant industry and this is due to the actions of the Collective Corporation and such lobbying to get protocols in place and adhering to them. Keep strong marketing and adhering to the protocols. We know the drill and it’s business normal now.

Industry Business Intelligence

ESP Connect Wellness Industry Intel

May 2021 vs May 2019
As with last month (April) this month (May) we are comparing May 2021 revenue with May 2019 because in May 2020 we were in the midst of Level 4 Lockdown.

As a whole the wellness industry is only 1% down with the hair industry down by 6% and the Beauty industry up by 6%. On average businesses are employing one less staff member, average spend per docket have increased by 15% and the number of dockets has decreased by 15%. Average service revenue has decreased by 2% and retail increased by 4%.

These stats are drawn from the ESP client base that make use of our Business Intelligence service. These businesses owners are actively involved in their businesses and use the BI to track and understand the trends which allow them to formulate and implement strategies that will make a meaningful difference to the bottom line.

To find out how to implement strategies to improve your revenue and monitor the results contact the ESP Connect team for a free BI consultation info@espconnect.africa

January 2021: – 🔊 BI & Wellness Industry Outlook

COVID Weather Report:

No of COVID cases Jan20 to Jan21. This is how the situation looks in Africa and we are at the top of the list as probably the most western urbanized country in Africa
Vaccinations are the next order of business …

Israel is clearly following a Blue Ocean strategy

They are that far ahead …
I’m trusting there is enough a “boer maak a plan” thinking in SA that that links with how the “Israeli’s have made a plan” …. enough persecution survival complex to benefit us all 😁 (i.e how to survive against all odds).

I understand these are quite broad statements that might offend some if they take it out of context and into cultural and race differences in our very politically sensitive country – Black Lives Matter – Let me be clear.

We need to link the numbers back to what might be the cause for Israel’s ability to respond so proactively and learn from them. This is the purpose of Business Intelligence.

The issue is we as humanity are being tested and survival is at stake. Israel has survived despite the odds or even the right to exist – we can see the data reflecting a very powerful will to survive COVID.

THE KEY POINT is you want your business to Survive and have and also have similarly impressive response level that way exceeds your competitors (countries in Israel’s Case).

ESP Business Intelligence – Wellness Industry Statistics

In December 2020 the hair industry has increased revenue by 3% when compared to November 2020 while the Beauty industry has seen a 8% decline for the same period.

After seeing massive gains last month the beauty industry has back-tracked somewhat and is now posting results that are more in line with what we are seeing in the hair industry.

As a whole revenue is down by 17% when comparing December 2020 to December 2021. In November this was sitting at 18% so the improvement is incremental. What I would like to highlight here is that the number of clients visiting has been 25% less, which is the average for the last 3 months, but this has only resulted in a 17% less revenue.

As this picture has evolved from July 2020 to now the month on month and year on year the improvements are becoming smaller and more hard fought. If you haven’t taken action in your business to increase the per visit spend of the clients who are visiting then you are behind the curve.

To find out how to implement strategies to improve your revenue and monitor the results contact the ESP Connect team info@espconnect.africa

These stats are drawn from the ESP client base that make use of our Business Intelligence service. These businesses owners are actively involved in their businesses and use the BI to track and understand the trends which allow them to formulate and implement strategies that will make a meaningful difference to the bottom line.

If you want to find out more about salon software and business intelligence that can make a real difference to your business, email info@espconnect.africa

Learn more about ESP by visiting their website HERE.

ESP Business Intelligence Report

December: – 🔊 COVID-II – The 2nd Wave is here in SA !!! – 2 Dec 2020

Pay attention move fast – as I’ve been giving news from Europe SA was always in the pipeline … Sad news … it’s hitting us in SA 2 months before I anticipated. We saw it starting first in Mossel Bay and the Garden Route & now Cape Town is picking up fast and the death rate is climbing which is the basis of the final analysis. It started in the Cape in the first wave and it’s doing a similar resurgence.

It’s starting now to attract attention – I was reviewing the covid Weather late last night, looking at the Global outlook from US / India etc – Brazil is the key and spiking (similar weather and economic status) – I holding back from sharing this insight for a few days as no one likes to be the messenger carrying bad news … but it’s not – all bad – I will explain below the Collective Corporation Advertisement 😄

The good news is COVID-II won’t be the same as the previous lockdown.

It will be a DISTRIBUTED lockdown.

What I mean by that is they will encourage non essential travel and promote people staying in their suburbs and we will because we don’t want to go back to hard lockdown. The fatigue is too heavy on our psyche’s we will obey to avoid hard lockdown.

Where I am in Spain I can’t drive to the sea 15min away. I can see it but it crosses a municipality – police man blocks randomly. I cannot drive into the city 20 mins away. Other than this life is normal but with a mask glued to your face outside or you get a +R6000 fine or also if you cross your suburb without a valid document to support it.

The GOOD NEWS is that the Hair / Beauty / Wellness industry isn’t shutdown at all … here nor as I last saw in the UK.

So that bodes well for us – As we have said in the CC all along – COMMON SENSE – Wear a mask – don’t relax – the Vaccine will only get to us late 2021 early 2022 … they simply can’t produce enough.

Lastly – Esoterically – We had AIDS – we had SARS – We have COVID – There will be more … this is the new normal. Diseases exist because it’s sole purpose is to find a way to bypass our defenses.

As the wellness Industry we have show people how to Form Healthy Connections.

CSO (Chief Strategic Officer)
ESP Connect

November: High Season Prep

18 Nov Covid Weather Report : Coronavirus is continuing its 2nd wave wildfire spread especially in the USA and Europe. USA surging ahead of India! France and Spain have put out the wildfire. Italy, Germany & UK are joining the fire fight.

What’s troubling is India’s death rate is increasing, in that the week on week decrease is decreasing. They are who I’m always watching as advance warning for South Africa.

Most troublingly SA’s death rate should be decreasing with hotter weather and it isn’t which indicates a drop in safety precautions. Daily peak Infections jumped this week to 2800 from 1800 (where it has been steady for weeks).

We will resume transmission of weekly Wed Newscasts when relevant.
We are all in this together.
As the Wellness industry focusing our attention now on the end of year.
Your Profitability is the priority over the next 3 months !

11 November: High Season BI Prep

Covid Weather Report :

Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world and has now passed 50 million confirmed cases in 190 countries and more than 1.2 million deaths. The virus is surging in many regions and countries that had apparent success in suppressing initial outbreaks are also seeing infections rise again.

South Africa : We are looking very very good !!!

Vaccine Hope: The data shows that two doses, three weeks apart, are needed. The trials – in US, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and Turkey – show 90% protection is achieved seven days after the second dose.

USA: With Biden in charge …. soon – We should see the pragmatic COVID protocols being applied and the USA should start to show an improvement in their BI Stats – Like India has. Denialist thinking is very dangerous as it has proved in the US and the resultant loss of lives.

In the same way we as business owners need to drill down into the details (the science of business) and get expert advice because it’s not always easy to get an overview when you are immersed in the situation.

Business Intelligence BI : Arno ESP Connect presented that the Beauty Industry has bounced back month on month since COVID lockdown ended. The Hair Industry bounced back fastest but has not recovered month on month like the Beauty. Caveat is that Medical Aesthetics showed a year gain from 2019 since lockdown ended but this last month taken a drop.

Conclusion: This is foreseeably the last weekly report until next year as our industry moves into season – however based on the good attendance this week we will keep assessing. The overall sentiment is business is looking good and should improve as local tourism and even international prevail while people have no reason to leave SA – BUT please stay COVID aware – Dinnete from Mossel Bay who also is a medical Rep as well as a salon owner reports that COVID cases are still prevalent and in some areas increasing so we cannot be complacent. My absolute favourite take back from today is that You HAVE to take care of yourself so that you CAN take care of others.💓💓💓

4 November: Back to the future

Covid Weather Report : India improving, USA stagnant, Europe in panic as most regions lockdown. The relevance to us in the wellness industry … looking to March 2021 => UK Lockdown Just Announced = “Indoor and outdoor leisure facilities, such as gyms and swimming pools, will also close, along with entertainment venues and personal care facilities such as beauty salons.Second England lockdown ‘a devastating blow’

Within South & Africa: Lot of new stores opening second branches in preparation for season by capitalizing on the gaps in the Market and Shivani (ESP Connect) reported record number of clients investing in upgrading their IT infrastructure.

Jassy (Hair News) spoke into the need for salons to capitalise in this time and build their war chests get UIF sorted out and landlord negotiations and prepare for the worst yet stay focused and positive.

Dinette from Mossel Bay shared how her Business Intelligence review by Arno (ESP Connect) had a dramatic effect on focusing her and her team and their results are looking really good as she’s been implementing the ideas and recommendations she picks up each week from the CC

Marisa is consulting in Cape Town.

Watch to get your live dose …

28 October: Workshopping Business Intelligence

Covid Weather Report: The trends from last week continued and the pattern is best reflected in the difference between USA & India. Between individualistic rights vs towing the line. USA deaths are not decreasing (because of denialists) whereas in India with a poorer much much much larger population it is decreasing. South Africa sits between these two extremes and our death rate is levelled off and lurking. That lurking beast in the basement jumped out in Italy this week as the spiked back into the picture. Susu spoke about how 2 weeks ago they had to shut down as 2 clients reported positive after having treatments – Thanks for the guidance from Shivani & Callia in how to handle it and they have reopened again.

Industry Business Intel : Arno the ESP Industry Intelligence Officer showed how the Beauty Industry has bounced back month on month and how in retail the Hair Industry dropped and pulled that sector down. The message being … don’t take your foot off the pedal … you cannot afford to relax and retail is KEY KEY KEY as Tatjana and Michelle reiterated.

General : Jassy posed the question as to why some people feel entitled to deface the protocols because the point is we know from our Covid Weather Report that this 2nd wave indicates a likelihood of other waves – so we are going to have to learn to live with this disease.

Watch the video – Skip ahead and g-listen the latest News & Weather report from panellists across the Globe.

21 October: Workshopping ComeWhatMay

Covid Weather Report:

Lockdowns return to Europe as cases rise again

Cases and hospital admissions are now rising fast again in many European countries. Belgium has imposed a nationwide curfew and Switzerland has made face-coverings compulsory in indoor public areas from Monday, following France’s imposition of a 21:00 curfew in nine major cities at the weekend. Germany, Italy, Portugal and the UK have all recently recorded their highest number of infections since the start of the pandemic.

South Africa – We need to learn and stay aware to not get into the same position in March 2021

Analysis began as to why this COVID weather report was useful according to Jassy from Hair News – watch to see the relevance … why the infection rate and death rate tell different stories and why that is relevant to SA. Why South Africa is now recognised as having led the way by creating a lockdown nearly as stringent as China did in the first place.

7 October: Workshopping Positive Spin

Covid Weather Report: (Not Presented in the Workshop Today)
USA + India + Brazil continue to be the hot the Hot Spots but Russia has a second wave as winter hits….

Everywhere except Europe has it under control

Spain Locks down and the UK Spikes

South Africa Hopefully off the top 10 List soon …

Watching our Death Rate is the key index going forward …

Today we will take a new shape as brainstormed last week … 🚀
Intensive …because time is money and we don’t have time to waffle.

What? ✨Success
Why? 🚀 We are all in business to prosper & the Cc is an agnostic non direct profit platform to support this.
How? Going forward as owners talking to owners to share because we are stronger together … The springboks proved it a year ago. All different shapes gelling to get gold… all based around a strategy of playing to our strengths. So we are looking for owners who resonate with our positivity to put their hands up.

How to Generate Positive Spin

✨ So today we got to 40min before we knew it and ended up with 60min action packed marketing debate with myself the protagonist as the doubting client.

  • Callia the salon owner introducing a new service.
  • Tatjana coaching me past my fears…
  • Marisa calling me out..
  • Jassy introducing Mirror Shock… The horror at the emotional disconnect between how we think we appear and how we actually appear …
  • The wellness Industry being about beauty glowing from inside and outside … The way children do … Naturally

Looks like we are going to have to break these bigger issues into bite size junks like we did today…

30 September 2020: Culture of Positivity

KarlESP connect – Spain
– Covid Weather Report : South Africa daily cases holding steady
We drop to no 10 in the world as Mexico & Argentina passed us this week.
– India is still the hot spot reaching closer to No1 in total cases after the US
– This Graphic shows what our BI identified months back … in June when Brazil was in denial … that it will come with a cost. The red is the cost in lives in Latin America due to politicians sticking their heads in the ground unlike here in South Africa. Our politicians made the hard calls and now we reap the rewards compared to South America.

🔊 Changing The Shape of the Collective Corporation

🎭 This strategy session identified that there are owners in 2 categories:

1) Those that are able to access positivity and broadcast it to their staff and clients 📈

2) Those that are looking or learning and teaching or inspiring themselves their staff and clients how to stay in the positivity zone 🏌️‍♀️

The shape the Collective Corporation will be taking moving forward is to:
A) Create a culture of positivity (success) and attract owners and staff and suppliers that identify with this vision of our industry 🏆

B) Create support mechanisms to enable this vision 🎯

Conclusion 🎬
We are out the Covid Survival mode and now in the “new normal” we have the opportunity to define what the new normal is within our wellness industry.

The facilitators who have held this space for the last 6 months will shift into new roles and the participants will also get to choose how they wish to take part going forward as the facilitators focus their efforts to achieve this vision of more positivity within our collective corporation.💫💯

Pragmatically this means we will be creating more exclusivity to focus on those motivated and or inspired by our vision to foster this shared culture of success that was initiated in yesterdays session ✨

We look forward to inspiring ourselves more collectively more going forward 🌍

The next weekly session will be as usual on Wednesday but we will shift the time to possibly suit everyone to attend live as these will be live sessions will only be recorded for those interested in being part of this shared vision – A culture of positivity (success) 🌈

Please feel free to message me directly with any questions or concerns or suggestions, it’s been a pleasure taking the lead in re-launching the CC in March with your help 💫🙏

23 September 2020: New Normal

KarlESP connect – Spain
– Business Intelligence is about pattern matching and Covid weather report is the most relevant Business Intelligence affecting the world
– Covid Weather Report : South Africa daily cases no longer dropping since the 7th week and steady 8th Week
We drop to no 9 in the world as SPAIN now passes us.
– India is still the hot spot reaching no2 in total cases after the US

Key going forward is preparing next few months for next year Covid-II because the Covid Business Intel tells us that what is happening in Europe will come to us in March next year ….. hence Covid-II and the focus to do what needs to be done. Everything we wish we could have done in March 2020 had we know what was coming.

General – Tatjana / Callia / Marisa / Arno / Shivani
The 60 min were filled as usual with workshopping inspiring ideas and you will need to listen to get the fullness as it was not possible to keep up with the content.

9 September 2020: Business Intelligence Day

KarlESP connect – Spain
– Business Intelligence is about pattern matching
– Today is BI day of the Month
– Covid Weather Report : South Africa daily cases drop 6th Week
We drop to no 7 in the world as Peru & now Colombia passes us.
– India is the hot spot as I’ve been predicting for the last few months … Why? … because the best projections were formulated around them as Covid struck and SA followed that model of a LONG LOCK DOWN which has worked.

ArnoESP Connect – BI Report
– Business is up from last month and he noted malls are gaining ground and the difference between the hair and beauty industry
– Watch the session to get the full download.

CalliaGross Profit Analysis
– The importance of watching the bottom line and the impact on gross and net profit
– The dangers / Impact of discounting and what is needed to make up the turnover
– 10% discount requires a 25% in crease in turnover to break even before you start making anything !!!

Jassy – Hair News
– Confirming the upward trend and positivity
– The EFF – Clicks legal and wider impact
– More focus on our industry and the discussion around what wellness means

Marisa + Larika
– Marisa confirmed the trends Arno reported on
– Larika shared her appreciation for the Collective Corporation and the benefits she has gained also working with Marisa
– Her one take home to us all – The Staff Scrum / Huddle – Connection is the key to everything

Ayesha – Beauty Warriors
– Reiterated the posiivity vibe and the importance of + language
– GlowBack is the word of the month we are adopting from Ayesha to take forward into the collective corporation and builds on the message Tatjana shared last week of getting our clients glowing

Shivani – ESP Connect
– Presented a succinct important history of our covid psychological journey as business leaders

Michelle – Go Beauty
– Consumers are spending which fits with what Arno presented in the BI
– Make yourself available !
– Be seen !

2 September 2020: Spring

KarlESP connect – Spain
– Covid Weather Report : South Africa daily cases is dropping for the 5th Week!
We drop to no 6 in the world as Peru passes us.
– Spain has made it back onto the list and the warning if protocols relax as they did over this last summer month.

Jassy – HairNews JHB
– Industry is picking up and the mood is up
– Bargaining Council and such assoc might not be perfect but they serve a purpose and it’s better to work through rather than against them.
– The recommendation is to write to the to explain why you can’t afford the fees rather than not paying.
– Rent a Chair discussion … too much … to write … listen to the webinar

Shivani – ESP Connect
– Introducing Headmistress Shivani
– Shivani laid it out as to what she believes owners need to be doing
– Quite an impassioned call to mobilise owners that got a very positive response and said it as it is – Discipline is key and where it all starts!! … listen to the webinar

Marisa – The Spa Consultants – JHB
– Businesses where owners aren’t trying but doing are doing well
– Owners have to triple their efforts

General Discussion
We expected this to be a short workshop but ran the full hour with content just pouring out… Chiefly the rent a chair / room scenario being discussed and we will focus a workshop on this in 2 weeks time.

Next week Industry Business Intelligence BI feedback.

26 August 2020: Level2 Now

Karl – Spain
– Covid Weather Report : South Africa daily cases is dropping for the 4th week which is world leading!
– Online Retailing + Business Intelligence much needed to reshape how we do retail
– In addition Marissa pointed out last week how one Sorbet Store she attends is sending therapists to clients homes and how that was being very professionally organised.
– This Nano technology would allow one to setup Staff as “Sub Agents” in nano and running them as separate business units from within the salon.
– This is the type of innovation needed to stay ahead of the curve

Callia – News from the frontline
– Their Hospital is showing less infections fitting with reported data
– Prevention is the key to avoid what is happening in Spain

Tatjana – Go Beauty – Online Retailing To consumers
– The trend is toward online as a trend that will accelerate
– Amazon style you can buy everything online and that is coming to SA
– Enable your clients to buy online – it makes your store virtual

Chris – ESP Nano – Your Online Store!
– Watch the webinar which we will post the link to once uploaded to the CC website to get the overview as a lot was covered and many questions asked from how to set it up to how payments work….overwhelmingly positive response.
– This runs as a completely standalone system
– There are no costs other than the credit card fee % and we have to collectively decide how to share the pie not only with the Nano team but also the staff in salon or spa etc.
– Chris spoke on the future trends that are coming that the Nano team are working on that will be coming out in due course to help shape the new normal of an online presence and Even Client Consultations that started in lockdown that faded but might resurge.

Jassy – Hair News
– Awesome job ESP in making it simple and easy
– As there is a definite trend to online retail
– Salons want to do it easily and not technical as it wastes time
– The turn on and go is what the industry wants … as ESP is presneting here with the Nano platform

Taryn – World Wellness Ambassador for SA
– This is an international scheme and is a way to build wellness in our clients, business and indutry.
– List your salon and provide a complimentary service / program / Session to take part
– Watch the webinar toward the end to get the overview.
– Taryn will give us updates in the weekly webinars
– In September there is a world Wellness weekend coming up and a prefect marketing platform to boost client awareness of the need for wellness to boost their immune system against COVID.

– Hairnews is running a Survey of landlord negotiations – Initial results coming in are that salons are either making the old landlord setup work or moving … more new on this next week.

19 August 2020: Level2 Now

Karl – Spain
– Covid Weather Report : South Africa daily cases is dropping for the 3rd week which is breathtaking news!
– The real issue now for SA is the economy … while the rest of the world is still fighting the 2nd and emerging covid wave.
– Our rainbow nation got it right so far
– The International Monetary Fund has said the world is in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression and warned that it could take two years for economic output to return to pre-pandemic levels.
– The focus now is how to prioritise.
– How not to let staff lead the way…with their fears
– I can’t afford things …so you can’t … so I don’t sell retail..
– From ESP perspective Online Retailing + Business Intelligence much needed to shape
– Prosperity focus – it takes money to make money
– It takes energy to innovate…

Arno – Ctn
– Staff fear influencing outcomes from a personal fear base of the staff
– BI shows retail is Healthy !!
– Staff to rebook the client there and then
– A lot of NEW clients is on the increase??
– Could be due to drop in shopping malls so these businesses need to focus on what they do have and service levels going up.
– Have backup retail & service options if price is the issue

Ayesha – Jhb
– Is it safe to have a facial article coming to build customer confidence?
– Marketing is Key Key Key New clients R1500 a docket from lazer focus
– As the owner she has found that her language her mind set spreads to her salon staff like wildfire.
– As the captain of your ship you have to inspire your team

Tatjana – UK
– Re-booking standard procedure
– In a crises Alcohol & Beauty sell
– A moisturiser makes not only I skin glow … but psychologically
– We can talk ourselves into recession or prosperity
– Sorbet is retail first service therafter
– GoBeauty had single biggest online retail order yesterday
– Why are you wearing a mask?
– Business as usual vs SA Business Abnormal
– People are not afraid?
– SA Media showed our industry as a problem area given that late opening
– Confidence in the market is what we need

Marisa – Jhb
– Sorbet Mall of Africa they are sending staff mobile and very creative in their thinking and how their therapists engage with their clients before even leaving to go to the clients home
– Marisa’s clients are bucking the downturn sentiment trend in the difference she believes is the mind set of their clients and it’s showing the positive results
– Key factor is her Online training course – it’s changing the 60 participants in the current programs outlook and the feedback is confirming to buck the trend.
– Infections are increasing yes but business is up
– Mindset is the key to the coaching and the owner and manager is at fault if the issues are not being focused on
– Wellness huddle is key each morning

Shivani – Ctn
– Owners are not prioritising (cost can’t be the only factor otherwise it’s constant contraction) to shutdown
– Bring back the focus onto how to do business again
– Womans day wasn’t advertised ???
– Money can’t be the decider – research and then decide – hear all sides so speak to your supplier to find out what they can do to help
– It takes money to make money
– Sandi’s (ESP Connect) Golden Circle training fits in with what Marisa said about the difference training makes
– Taryn spoke as the SA global wellness ambassador from SA and it’s a relevant long term initiative that they are actively supporting to draw clients / tourists especially back into hotels etc and her business located in a hotel.

Jassy – Jhb
– In a social experiment about level2 going out to “socialise” in a restaurant … people said they weren’t ready to take the risk and so it’s not about money
– In the experiment it was stressful due to awareness of how covid spreads (note Jassy & partner have had covid and recovered)
– It’s the mall thing and the lack of ventilation the issue and so increasing ventilation might break the claustrophobic feeling of a cave
– Jassy is still not happy with how Stylists are not using PPE to the full extent that they should and they miss the priority which is safety and not just the style
– Malls starting to charge for parking ???? and a grudge purchase and will keep her away from those malls

12 August 2020: Business Intelligence?!

– Covid Weather Report : South Africa daily cases is dropping for the second week which is really great news!
– Whilst India is increasing and Spain spiking and the USA balloning.
– Level 2 coming for SA if KZN numbers are satisfactory.
– The economy is the issue to focus our weather reports…

Arno – ESP BI Weather Report
ESP BI for July stats show hair down less than beauty industry.
– Retail not down (19%) as much as services (Varies between industry – watch the webinar to see the actual numbers.)
– Per docket (sale) spend is up 23%
– Malls down compared to decentralised salons

Shivani – ESP
– Consumers may be stock piling retail from salons which is why the retail is not as affected?
– Level 2 coming if KZN numbers are satisfactory

Calia – Salon Owners Perspective
– Remote corporate workers – Down scaling their offices in Sandton. What are the implications of these new work patterns of office workers on our industry.
– Confirmed ESP BI data and what Shivani said – clients are spending more on retail.
– Hospitals being quieter continuing trend.
– Watch out for complacency as Karl indicated is spiking Spain’s numbers with warmer weather comes more desire to be out and about.

– Industry moving out of flux many salons looking for staff to fill spaces surprisingly.
– Rent a chair trend and Moving home research fits with the Stats ESP.
– Mall based salons feeling threatened and attacking them as they perceiving home as not professional.
– Jassy felt that angry red energy should be focused into Blue ocean strategies rather.
– Mall salons should focus on Blue ideas to help each other with Landlords etc Stand for the mall based industry rather than fight home salon or rent a chair trend.
– Festive season normally quiet for suppliers …. will it be subdued this year and just be business without normal season?
Save SA wine – Blue Strategy (like save the whale / Rhino) is working – international sales focus – Supporting from the outside – People internationally posting their support for South African wine when they buy and order online – Advertising South Africa which will bring more tourists long term.

– 12 New operations coming to them as a supplier last week and mushrooming business surprisingly.
– Reason?
1) Salons want to support Industry Suppliers who have show commitment.
2) Looking for suppliers which are more profitability orientated.
– Noting that their biggest clients in Hotels still Closed
– New accounts all strip malls or home based and not Malls
– Retail needs more emphasis
– Online sales up

Partnership with Staff ?
– K – How about in the hair industry – partnerships with staff to counter the home salon trend and rent a chair threat.
– M – Staff Change blockers should go ….
– K – Yes this is true for Beauty but Hair is more precarious as don’t need much to break away. Beauty salon more expensive to start. Hair salon essentially needs a pair of scissors.
– C – Experience as salon owner in the beauty industry confirmed costs are the issue to partnership as top heavy salaries draining the business of the profit and so needing to look at Fixed costs / GP% = Required Turnover can only justify partnership as it creates more profit
– K – Can only work if it’s Growing the Pie as it can’t be higher commission of the same pie.
– Ayesha – Staff can’t earn more than 38% commission in the best case from their experience – they will naively want 50% but not understand the costs.
– K – Perhaps the place to look first is How we are Feeding new clients is a precursor to this thinking. Who should clients go to ? Your best staff to retain or to newest staff to feed them?
– Collective Corporation feedback over the last 30 years coupled with ESP BI has shown in the 5 Star rating – new clients (gold) should go to the best staff.
A – Noting differences in Hair & beauty industry as well because in Beauty you can partner new staff with experienced to ensure the brand quality.

– The debate swallowed up the time and so this issue will be investigated further and clearly the numbers need to be looked at as the driver in any decision making.

5 August 2020: Whats the good news ?!

– Covid Weather Report : South Africa daily cases is dropping for the second week !!!!
– Second Wave
– The economics continues to be the focus now
– How not to close down was the Immediate focus?
– How to grow is the new normal?
– What are the trends that are generating revenue, is where we need to start looking as the Collective Corporation.

– Confirming that covid numbers are down hospital
– Covid wards turning back into green normal wards
– Cold weather coincided with economic downturn
– Good weather can bring about the upturn
– But we need to, not be complacent like is happening in Spain as Karl reported now
– Do business but be Careful

– Salons saying it’s quiet
– Businesses not following protocols creates stress resulting in clients not going out.
– Bigger clients not SMS – personal communication
– Little specials to entice and tempt me back in and weird
– More on social media
– Covid – Faster health dealt with the faster the recovery
– Hair Salons business picking up – new launches … exciting
– Staff considering working on cruise ships to boost income in the future

– Time to go old school direct marketing and not social media
– SMS needs to be used
– Pick up the Phone

– Personal side covid deaths close at hand
– Business is picking up as new normal realisation takes hold
– Online efforts are showing traction and needs to be worked
– Client Negative responses being countered with positive language in our own communication instead of “do not” … “invite”
– Drop “unfortunately N

Karl – Clean communication – Using a different thought form “meme” to influence clients into better language. Using Non Violent Language (NVC) techniques to cut out the negativity and instead “INVITE” clients to experience a new inspirational reality.

Jassy – People are drowning in negativity and creates a hole which we dwell in. So ranting isn’t the way forward. Focus on your side of what you can do right for yourself. People living with a negative mindset – is like living in a trap. General interest in salons wanting support and to improve which is trending in Hair Dressing – insight / solutions / engaging.

Much covered which best seen in the webinar.
Uplifting sentiment this week.

29 July 2020: Bio-Engineering a New Wellness Paradigm?!

– Covid Weather Report : South Africa no 5 in the world but our death rate is encouragingly very low !!
– Looking for trends in other sectors … Spur Franchise Chief executive, Pierre van Tonder, said: “After the limited relaxation of the trading restrictions following the hard lockdown in April, trading has proved particularly challenging“.
– Our wellness industry is down as well and we are seeing more trends emerging..

-Timing of extra burdens presenting right now …
– Council levy came into effect
– Suppliers retailing directly to consumers eg clicks by passing salons
– Downsizing and relocating to adapt & survive

– About 10 salons closed doors last week which are in shopping malls and strip malls
– Hotel Spas talking about opening
– One salon doing exceptionally well

– Mind set is really making the difference
– Those that are positive are creating a positive outcome…..

– Break free from COVID lockdown vibe creates a positive spin

M- Business owners who have a good mind set might still might have external factors working against them.

DR Davis (Guest Speaker – Bio-Engineer – Focused on Wellness)
– There is too much share about what he had to offer as inspiration to us to find our way forward to prosper in a new way as part of evolution unfolding through us. His key point is how can we enhance our environments to create places of higher wellness, speaking for Example about a project they did for the Stellenbosch Health Hydro that one BEST NATURAL POOL IN THE WORLD award last yer. Where they USE NATURE to clean the water rather than fight the water with chemicals… Like with Dr Moto who showed that water responds to our attitude as reflected in the ice crystals that formed when water was labelled with Hate vs Love. Please listen to the webinar and skip ahead to listen to Dr Davis. It was mesmerising and created context for this new world we are living. Like a new world after 30 (0?) million years of dinosaurs.

We have to re-invent ourselves as a touch industry … we don’t even know what that means yet … but this type of information starts to get us thinking ahead of the curve.

22 July 2020: Business Intelligence

Callia – Medical Aesthetics – Hospital Based: Open Since level 5
Karl – ESP Connect – Collective Corporation founder 1995
Marisa – The Spa Consultants – Salon & Spa Coaching
Arno – ESP Connect – Business Intelligence Analyst
Ayesha – Beuty Warriors – Distributor / Spa owner / Industry portal

– South Africa Covid peaking as anticipated and now in the top 5 infected countries in the world after USA, Brazil, Russia, India.
Suicide still the number 3 killer in the world after covid and then Hiv/Aids. Europe still bottoming out. 2nd wave trend in Israel, Japan, Iran, Australia is the canary in the mine to watch.
– Home Salons are trending as a fall back strategy instead of closing down.
– Mobile and hairdressing rent a chair options as practioners collude to survive.
– Feedback is mixed on industry drop since last year
– Some say as low as 10% and as high as 60% to 70% drop due to the pandemic.

–  Most positive news that hospital is half the number of Covid patients this week (could that be a sign of plateau?)
– Speaking up about sanitising
– Communicate to your clients to feel comfortable – go to great lengths to make them feel safe especially during a treatment

– Mixed industry feedback and battling due to cancellations and rising fears.
– Retail MALLS taking a dive – People going to strip malls? Money issues
– Staff morale down – staff have to work / passion dead / stressed?

– Outlying areas are unaffected as much and fits with the MALL difference.
– According to ESP BI
– Retail Turnover on average 50% decrease in retail turnover compared to last year but dependant on location.
– Service Turnover 40-60% of what they did last year

– Staff are being affected by personal experiences
Catching TAXIS vulnerable
– Feedback from clients calls for speaking into the Protection during the service
– Encouraging cancellations to rebook for August.

Coaching Insight Questions about moving through the phases
– 1) Are you surviving?
– 2) Are you managing post survival mode?
eg How much can you turn your business to a skeleton in order to add back flesh later
3) Emerging Phase … Unknown

General Discussion

Karl – The CC philosophy is to watch the cents and the Rands look after themselves
– No longer room for a focus on the good of the individual at the expense of the business
– The Emerging stage Marisa refers is the Butterfly coming out the cocoon. A worm goes in (old business normal – bottom up view of the industry) and the DNA of the business reconstitutes and a butterfly emerges (top down view) – Blue Ocean Strategy

Ayesha – Mindset is the focus – EG with what Dr Smith presented and Connection Therapy and what they are using to help their staff.
Marisa – Watch our for Scam orders – EFT faked proof of purchase.
Karl – Don’t run accounts for clients where you can avoid it.
Arno – Petty crime is rising as desperation levels rise so have to be alert
Callia – Covid pack is being provided to a risk industry client as an experiment and the response has been unexpectedly positive- Start cherry picking clients to treat as Gold.
– Hospital Surgery all time low – reduced exposure – emphasis and fits with retail and malls feedback.

Q: How to increase Retail sales?
Complex issue as have to unpack the DNA of a sale and then reconstitute it in a way that is relevant ? Provide choice …. address the Pain Issue. asking questions …. Then it comes down to the art of selling.

Face Mask – Acne etc “Mascony syndrome”
– Agile management response they created :
– Kids pack
-Ladies pack
-Guys Pack
Called MaskMe – Clean under the covers + Set of tips – Washing the mask / replacing …bacteria. – Pain Solved
Feedback from the client – Perfect

Karl – The issue we all face in the face of the Covid challenge is “How cane we have fun?” as a way to mitigate and dispel the stress and strains of being operational! This can be difficult if we are in survival mode but we have to look to the future and be that future now. Having fun and gamafying the challenges like in a reality survivor game. We have to dig deep and strategise.

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15 July 2020: Changing Shape

Arno –  ESP

  • TERS – Update – New procedure with tighter controls
  • Continue to use TERS to cover the shortfall in turnover

Callia –  Medical Aesthetics – Hospital Based: Open Since level 5

  • More Intense – Private hospitals receiving from public hospitals which can impact on access to private hospitals.
  • Client levels of anxiety increasing – Out of practice setting to calm the environment.
  • Moving to safer zones to operate & business to continue.
  • What is it going to take to survive? Lessons to learn that can be carried forward. Issues that form new business habits.
  • Covid admissions at hospitals follows no established treatment – vitamin drips etc are being used and we can access these supplements to stay ahead of the curve

Jassy – Hair News

  • A lot of woman are experiencing hair loss as a result of covid and arising after healing – Jassy speaking on behalf of a covid recovery group. This can be minimised.
  • Salons are quieter … Salons need to communicate where they have special safe zones to boost safe access – early morning / separate rooms

Marisa – The Spa Consultants

  • Reality of close to home eg Case of a death from not being able to access a hospital. Stay healthy and safe so you don’t need a hospital.
  • Intensity in the workplace rising – emotional roller coaster – the need for someone to speak to …. the value of being able to have somewhere to turn to.
  • Creative ways to boost revenue:
  • How to help covid infected clients with covid care packs that are creative such as bath oils etc
  • Leadership Unstuck – New term Do you have a deliberate and evolving plan to change through this pandemic. We are never going back. Habits will have changed.
  • Marisa herself as an industry supplier has to navigate this unknown…how willing are you to swim through the storm … to where it’s not known…

Karl – ESP Connect

  • Holding our old business shape is impossible to maintain going forward.
  • Agile Management is needed to adjust our shape on the fly.
  • As per the Native American proverb – There are 2 wolves fighting in us: One is hope, expansion, love and prosperity consciousness. The other is hopelessness, contraction, fear and poverty consciousness. Which wolf wins ? … The one you feed the most!

Tatjana – GoBeauty

  • There is no choice going forward
  • 2 Types of business owner:
  • 1) What can I use to prosper as a business owner to become a business leader and resources available to you like the the Collective Corporation
  • 2) I open my salon and hope things will just work out.
  • How can you create more business that is less USUAL store driven … which is the challenge … different opening times …
  • Focus on value adding from the established base of your business.
  • Watch your thoughts … stay positive to avoid any negative knock on.

Care pack with essential oils are showing benefits to control fevers and infection at bay and improve oxygen levels etc.

How to uplift the spirit of those covid fatigued when infected – create a wellness pack – to pamper the client – social media spin off came from one example.

The online initiatives have fallen by the way after being the exclusive focus a month ago …. around the world online retailing etc has jumped significantly. So this is the new wave we have to nurture and mature.

When infected with covid there is a very strong impact onto the rest of your life and as a business leader if you get infected you will be person down and plagued with mental pressures that wear you down even further. Impacts your will to live. You don’t even want to answer to questions .. of “how are you?”

Find the one thing that can boost your energy when infected

It’s survival mode – Plain and simple – Being attentive and present is in itself draining.

Self Care – Are we doing it for ourselves? Yes we provide it to the industry but what about us.

The good news – is that on recovery is like being reborn and app

For the staff each boost their immunity with Zinc Drops for kids + Vitamin B&C at the start of the day to invest in your staff creates sense of belonging.

Daily vitamin guidelines: (adults dosages) Vitamin C (3000mg daily), D3 (5000ius), Zinc, Selenium (2 brazil nuts a day cover you for Selenium) this is homeopathic / DR and Hospital level inspired.

Children’s dosage : will be posted in the COllective Corporation WA Group

If you give up there is nothing on the other side

Meeting concluded after general discussions and questions and answers – The webinar is available on this site

1 July 2020: First week of trading Completed

Callia –  Medical Aesthetics – Hospital Based: Open Since level 5

  • Staff Mental wellbeing Critical – Family Responsibility leave related to COVID as family infections occur 
  • Raising PPE levels in anticipation of the covid spike
  • Every week things change – Staff Meetings almost daily to cope
  • Staff want to know what’s going on in the industry
  • Intersection of two opposing forces : pull back to be safe and opening up to prosper

Jassy – Hair News

  • First week PPE strains
  • Eastern Cape – Hospitals under strain
  • 3D – Distance Dose & Duration
    • Distance – Nothing can be done
    • Dose – PPE (Control the dose of exposure)
    • Duration – Colour long time service / have airflow to combat
  • All salons now open
  • Lockdown again potentially ?
  • What to do if flu symptoms present as a therapist  ?
    • Marisa – If in doubt don’t do it – It’s that simple
    • Callia – Isolate / if you have common flu should you even be working?

Marisa – The Spa Consultants

  • Owners and managers are exhausted
  • Motivating the industry to stay up-beat
  • Staff are either :
    • In this together or
    • “Oh well since I haven’t had a salary I need an increase” mentality
    • Yet – Of 6 therapists looking for work she polled?
      • 4 left based on perceived salary too low which is crazy
      • 2 due to stores closing – understandable
  • Strategic Thinking & Operational Thinking = > needs to integrate and become “Carona Thinking” (The CC – Blue ocean Strategy)
    • Are you running a wellness initiative right now for the staff ?
    • If yes and you are still drained :  Re-evaluate the wellness strategy
    • Retail
      • is up and away
        • Stock on the shelf
        • Constant contact with clients
        • Find the pain
      • not great
        • Little stock
        • Take orders as clients want the stock
        • Not in contact
    • Online Sales – Still a focus for peak ….coming
    • Resistance to covid care
      • Comes down to the narrative being wrong
      • Don’t justify prices related to expenses
      • Simply appeal to the client with a gripping story
      • Don’t create an imposition
      • Not an optional issue! Price Increase or Surcharge – Just is.
      • Consumers challenging – the surcharge – resistance came down to the language.
    • Marisa is starting a motivational program tomorrow to address these issues and for CC members it’s at a vastly reduced rate.

Karl – ESP Connect

  • Agile management – Twice daily Scrum huddle meetings in a circle starting from the leadership and giving everyone a chance to say something or not – All in this together.
  • Work Smart not hard
  • ESP Business Intelligence – Now more important than ever to define and refine strategy over the next 6 months.
  • Use The time now to prepare for the COVID spike. It’s the second chance. Imagine going back in time and being able to prepare before lockdown – how valuable would that have been? We have that chance now.
  • Nano online bookings from ESP is available and at no cost!
  • Nano online retailing 

Tatjana – GoBeauty

  • Online Retailing from your store through them is available now and since 2018
  • Consumer feedback is that they in large want to support our industry

Meeting concluded after general discussions and questions and answers – The webinar is available on this site

24 June:

  • Ayesha
    • Fist COVID positive client within a day of opening
    • Informed future bookings
    • Expected clients to cancel – they didn’t – understood and appreciated transparency
  • Marisa –
    • 2 Teams that never mix – you never have to close
    • Staff meltdown after a few days (Tears or overwhelm)
    • VIP Lists have paid dividends
    • Videos put out by spas welcome
  • Callia
    • Going back to level 4 protocols to stay safer
    • Bookings up – but uncertainty
    • When can recovered clients return – eg protocol 2 weeks after test or such
  • Jassy
    • Some salons booked out vs those that are slow
    • 2 different realities (Area ? Marketing etc?)
    • Feeling of compliance in the industry vs defiance
    • Prominent hairdresser – posted he was positive
    • Seeing extreme business changes in instances (relocating etc) and prospering
  • Looking to the Future – Take homes
    • Continue advertising
    • The videos worked well so don’t stop – keep them coming
    • Keep the level of confidence high
    • We want to avoid the 2 month downturn as in europe (Spain & Germany examples)
    • Keeping of morale of staff & clients up.
    • Short term is now getting to Dec …. Then 12 months long run
    • Weekly analysis to adjust the circumstances – Agile management – Responsive
    • Business Intelligence Powered Up – Weekly Engine vs monthly
    • Landlords – Turnover related rentals only sustainable way to stay in business
      • Salons are not used to having to be hardcore in this reality
      • Difficult for soft / caring industry
    • Salons are in a number of instances behind the curve and panic rather than an orderly approach
    • Marketing – Going back to basics – more direct marketing than bulk (social media etc) to build word of mouth… especially those that didn’t use VIP lists etc
    • Now is the time to take the time to be considered in our approach – the storm is still coming
    • Not fighting to trade — its a new fight — for prosperity
    • Physical distancing to stay socially connected terminology!
    • Touch ambassadors for Connected Socialising
    • Read the documents – detailing the protocols & PPE (still relevant now)
    • We cannot have sympathy for ignorance
    • Being a business owner
      • Responsible
      • Accountable
    • We as the CC want to see owners successful
    • THE SUPPORTIVE INDUSTRY … are tired … in a sense because they have been working 
      • Trade publications
      • Consultants
      • Suppliers
      • etc
    • The CC is one hour a week to be totally relevant – how can we get the industry to stay involved.
    • Weekly ? Monthly Times?

10 June

1) Hair News – Update on the current High Court application for Conditions to trade to be released which is proactive to break the lethargy government seems stuck in by helping them to see the light. VS The Successful High/Constitutional Court Legal challenges came right at the wrong time for us and log jammed the release of the conditions.

Had it not we would probably have been open this past Monday.

Grandstanding such as individuals going the legal self righteous route in our name are seen to be getting Government’s backs up – YET the anger is real from our industry – and the point as the wellness industry is NOT to go to war – to fight (that’s not the spirit of wellness) – but to stand up for what we believe is right – Not Against – But for what we want.

It takes “the courage of a lion and a heart as soft as butter in these times” to be of the wellness industry.

2) Many in the Industry are underground trading as a survival mechanism.

3) Problem is it feeds the Government view that our industry is ungovernable which keeps us out in the cold – Catch 22.

4) When we do open we will have Covid positive clients pass through our stores and Callia (our resident Practical Ninja) advised not to close as was the initial reaction in their Medical Aesthetic practice operating out the hospital since Level4. But if the PPE’s are in place (Personal Protection Equipment) trust the protection and carry on trading and monitor.

5) Sandy Fuhr gave insight into us still being a level1 industry at worst and a level3 with conditions at best. How their schools are closed along with us and no clear educational guidelines yet in place and how even online training isn’t sanctioned fully yet by SETA.

6) Marisa challenged us to find a way forward and the think tank only route is to keep going to the media. Jassy of Hair News on Etv / Radio 702 this week / Linda CEO Sorbet interviewed on the news. These are the positive events we need. However – The anger within our industry is REAL and mounting. Because look at a TaxiBus or a dentist and it doesn’t make sense at any level.

Marisa is working to get a Radio5 Interview – we need more of these highlights.

7) Chris Parker CEO ESP highlighted that if our industry is seen as unregulated the problem is how to shift the perception and to welcome more regulation. (conditions we were hoping for from the minister). The key he pointed out would be to ensure that the conditions are followed as an Industry and if they aren’t we face being shut down as an industry.

We are overregulated and misunderstood … in Psychological terms our industry is Negatively being Projected Upon.

So the only way is to get more media exposure and to build a Social Media awareness in a viral way by getting our industries clients to spread the news and create a ground swell movement in a positive way. Not in a poor us beggar scenario but as Qualified Professionals that you are!

Please join us in the Collective Corporation to focus this energy.

Next week Linda Sinclair Sorbet CEO will hopefully be a guest panellist and share the Long4Life (JSE Listed) corporate worlds view of our industry.