Right Connection

“Hey – Did anyone say it was easy living on this planet ?” Tune in to the next episode of “My Life” : season 1 episode “Level 3”. In this episode – Things got a whole lot more interesting in level 3 where Covid is the new normal. Lock Down fatigue is taking its toll on the characters. As the lead character I’m all stressed out from this never ending ‘Emotional Parole’ …. When will I ever get to see my friends in a real connected way in this ballroom of masks distance dancing?

Connective Power

Pure white horses are extremely rare. Some experts argue that they don’t even exist. These luminous creatures aren’t white, they are grey, and they were, in all likelihood born black. As they grow and transform from youthful to mature horses, their coats lighten dramatically – as does their focus, self-control and athletic prowess. Dark horses slowly turning gray, then silver, then white are the perfect metaphor for developing innovation, mental and emotional intelligence tuning into the  Connective Power of the wellness industry.

The process of developing this “raw power”, of making it fully conscious, is the path we must undertake in a Black Swan time like this. In the post-lockdown time, we can no longer wait for connections to emerge accidently. The stakes are much too high. In the last few months, so much has changed on this planet, financially, economically, technologically, as well as socially. Many of the changing forces combined in what we have come to know as the perfect storm of Covid-19 and this phenomena has marked a significant turning point in the history of the world and how we will connect in the future in and through business.

Authentic Connection

The unknown content of weekly government announcements and the phasing of stages of a seemingly military lockdown period may feel like ‘emotional parole’. The ‘holding pattern’ is that of fatigue and impatience, people want “to get on with it”, but they have to wait at the same time. However, if we possess courage and patience, this Black Swan event presents a significant innovative period for the Wellness Industry in that managers and staff of especially smaller businesses like ours can be empowered to implement  authentic connections with customers through Connection Therapy training. Authentic connections involve active listening, compassion and acceptance for the many challenges people are facing in the ‘new world’ to come.

Shifting Connections

This ‘new world’ we are entering, is a period where people are literally reeling from the sensation of their finely woven rug being pulled out from under them. Plenty of fear and conflict go with it, primary unconscious behaviors and knowledge previously taken for granted are challenged and have to change or shift into new or unknown practices and connections with other people. We are stretched beyond our old behavioral patterns into a territory of new connection forming especially between Wellness Service Providers and Customers.

Connection Therapy

The potentially treacherous journey of creating these new connections with customers can be made enjoyable and rewarding as we negotiate the new territory with more speed and grace than we could possibly manage on our own two legs. As we let go of old modes of connection that are ingrained, Connection Therapy  teaches, empowers, heals and transforms us into non predatory, collaborative, innovative and powerful inspirational beings. Not only in our professional lives but also in our personal lives. Imagine a wellness world of customers being able to bring the stories of their connections out of the shadows and into our conscious wellness businesses, we will be able to create a form of shared inspiration that taps from info the talents of our customers, to create a circle of connection we understand as loyalty that will transform the business world. Well trained connection therapists hold the key.

Customer Benefits

Imagine entering a wellness establishment where they not only listen to what you say you want, but they listen with their hearts, to what you need? Where they care about your overall experience with this Connection Therapy  style of open communication it becomes the standard way of doing business. Massage where and how you need it most. Styling that’s tuned in and focused on your deepest desires and not a projection of what the Stylist projects you should have. A wellness industry where the need for inner beauty is nourished just as importantly as the more obvious outer beauty we all know and desire as made famous by Hollywood. The Film Black Swan (2010) with Natalie Portman and Winona Ryder epitomised this contradiction. In this “wicked, psychosexual thriller you can’t tear your eyes away”, as described by Entertainment Weekly, this beautiful young woman has Grace and Poise and plays the White Swan to perfection. A Princess by all accounts. However if she is to become the powerful dancer that she has the potential to be…she will have to embrace her inner shadow. So begins the psychologically thrilling journey into the inner depths of her personal underworld. Like the myth of Persephone & Hades the adventure transforms her sense of self and we are left with a Powerful Queen. ConnectionTherapy is an easy natural way to delve into the depths that hold our personal power to each week as the Hero of our Personal TV Series bring back the gifts to our lives.   

Therapist & Stylist Benefits

  • The wellness industry is a serving industry.
  • Genuine service is not a matter of being nice but of recognising that one’s own lack can only be met by other’s abundance.
  • The advantage of this paradox is that as we serve we are also being served.
  • This is embedded in our deepest human needs and can only happen in the relating and connections formed by our service.
  • Connection is not something one person “has for” another but what a person is “with another”.
  • Therapists are in a unique situation post lockdown.
  • We are the “closest outsiders” to the people who have been “locked in” and to what has happened in their lives during this time.
  • To listen their stories and form deep connections is a huge responsibility, privilege and opportunity of this time.
  • Hearing and listening will differ in form: culture, gender and age – becoming a “therapeutic act” to make visible the body that belongs to the word, voice and stories.
  • The advantage of the therapist being able to listen in a therapeutic sense post covert lockdown experience, is invaluable for building trust and loyalty with the client for the future

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