Stronger Together

Author: Emile

Collective Corporation 11 November 2020

Presented by: Karl Markwald & Arno Steijn

Title: High Season BI Prep

Collective Corporation 07 October 2020

Collective Corporation 30 September 2020

Presented by: Karl Markwald

Guest Speakers:

  • Arno Steijn (ESP Salon & Spa Software)
  • Shivani Africa (ESP Salon & Spa Software)
  • Tatjana Mihajlov Pilbeam ( GoBeauty)
  • Sandi Voges (ESP Salon & Spa Software)
  • Jassy Mackenzie (Hairnews SA)

Topic: New Shape of The CC

Collective Corporation 5 August 2020

Presented by:  Karl Markwald

Guest Speakers:  Callia Ducas, Jassy McKensie & Marissa Dimitriadis

Topic:  What’s the Good News!

Collective Corporation 29 July 2020

Presented by:  Karl Markwald & Arno Steijn

Panelist :

  • Marisa Dimitriadis (The Spa Consultants)
  • Jassy Mackenzie (Hairnews SA)
  • Tatjana Mihajlov Pilbeam (GoBeauty) 

Guest Speaker : Dr Jerome Davis (Eco Pools)

Topic: Bio-Engineering, A New Wellness Paradigm

Collective Corporation 22 July 2020

Presented by:  Karl Markwald & Arno Steijn

Guest Speakers:

  • Marisa Dimitriadis (The Spa Consultants)
  • Ayesha Raja (Beauty Warriors)
  • Callia Doucas (Aesthetic Practice Manager)

Collective Corporation Webinar 17 June 2020

Presented by Karl Markwald, Chris Parker & Arno Steijn

Guest Panelists:  Jassy McKensie, Marissa Dimitriadis, Callia Ducas, Sandy Fuhr

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