🔊 COVID-II – The 2nd Wave is here in SA!!!

Pay attention move fast – as I’ve been giving news from Europe SA was always in the pipeline … Sad news … it’s hitting us in SA 2 months before I anticipated. We saw it starting first in Mossel Bay and the Garden Route & now Cape Town is picking up fast and the death rate is climbing which is the basis of the final analysis. It started in the Cape in the first wave and it’s doing a similar resurgence.

It’s starting now to attract attention – I was reviewing the Covid Weather late last night, looking at the Global outlook from US/India etc – Brazil is the key and spiking (similar weather and economic status) –  I holding back from sharing this insight for a few days as no one likes to be the messenger carrying bad news … but it’s not – all bad – I will explain below the Collective Corporation Advertisement 😄

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The good news is COVID-II won’t be the same as the previous lockdown.

It will be a DISTRIBUTED lockdown.

What I mean by that is they will encourage non-essential travel and promote people staying in their suburbs and we will because we don’t want to go back to hard lockdown. The fatigue is too heavy on our psyche’s we will obey to void hard lockdown.

Where I am in Spain, I can’t drive to the sea 15min away. I can see it but it crosses a municipality – police man blocks randomly. I cannot drive into the city 20 mins away. Other than this life is normal but with a mask glued to your face outside or you get a +R6000 fine or also if you cross your suburb without a valid document to support it.

The GOOD NEWS is that the Hair / Beauty / Wellness industry isn’t shutdown at all … here nor as I last saw in the UK.

So that bodes well for us – As we have said in the CC all along – COMMON SENSE – Wear a mask – don’t relax – the Vaccine will only get to us late 2021 early 2022 … they simply can’t produce enough.

Lastly – Esoterically – We had AIDS – we had SARS – We have COVID – There will be more … this is the new normal. Diseases exist because its sole purpose is to find a way to bypass our defences.

As the wellness Industry we have shown people how to Form Healthy Connections.

Karl Markwald

CSO (Chief Strategic Officer)

ESP Connect