Industry BI

We are seeing the continued trend of Beauty improving steadily compared to the hair industry that made a quick gain post lock down.

The figures make sense in terms of the season and optimism and by following protocol keep confidence in the wellness sector for clients to keep coming in despite any 2nd wave fears.

📈 ESP BI Analysis

Our industry as a whole has seen and 6% increase in revenue in November 2020 when compared to October 2020. We are still down 18% when we compare total revenue in November 2020 to November 2019.

The highlight here is the tremendous progress we have made since the lifting of the lockdown in July when we were down 41%.

The number of clients visiting in November is still less compared to last year, down by 27%, but the clients that are visiting are spending much more on average particularly on retail.

The hair industry has made some inroads and increased total revenue in November 2020 by 5% compared to October 2020 bit the star performer is the beauty industry which has seen a 11% increase. The medical aesthetics sector is performing really well and some businesses are even showing year on year increases.

These stats are drawn from the ESP client base that make use of our Business Intelligence service.

These businesses owners are actively involved in their businesses and use the BI to track and understand the trends which allow them to formulate and implement strategies that will make a meaningful difference to the bottom line.

⚙️ What phase 2 lockdown looks like…

Coming out in Spain:

👉New measures
The phase 2 de-escalation is divided into three periods:

 ➡️From Saturday December 12 to Thursday December 17:
• Mobility between municipalities of a province is allowed.
• Trade can open until 21:00
• Hospitality until 18:00

 ➡️From Friday December 18 to January 10:
• Mobility between provinces
• Shops open during normal hours
• Hospitality until 18:00 and from 20:00 to 22:00.
• Curfew: from 23:00 to 06:00

 ➡️From December 23 to January 6:
• Entry and exit from Andalusia is allowed for family units.
• Maximum 10 people on December 24 and 31.
• Curfew until 1:30 am.

The good news is things look good as a whole!