Employer’s Organization for Hairdressing, Cosmetology & Beauty Letter
Covid-19 Adjustment Strategy – Alert Level 3 – 28 December 2020

Once again I reiterate this follows what Spain did at the end of summer. (October)

Spain being the coastal belt everyone flocks to. Just as in SA everyone from the interior flocks to the coastal areas.

The problem this wasn’t enough. The numbers didn’t come down fast enough …

So they locked down the provinces next which wasn’t enough and locked everyone down to the suburbs.

Which finally worked …

Because as the end of this it is stated: Everyone has to take responsibility to curb the spread.

You me and the next person have to speak out and wearing masks over our noses being the key.

Government doesn’t want to close businesses.

Only in the countries like the UK where people didn’t take this 2nd wave threat seriously did they close personal care on 20 December 2020.

I’m trusting the message gets through because here in Spain Personal care never shutdown….

Live and learn.
Spread the word.
Teach your staff, clients & friends how to be safe to be well.