The most uplifting moment I think that can carry us forward, forever. – Tatjana

It speaks of Hope.
Hope is the flame that creates the light.

It is from the young lady (poet) who read her Poem/Song at Bidens inauguration and if the USA represents one thing, it is the most dynamic (Blue Ocean Strategy country) in the world. Innovation is it’s hallmark.

The last 4 years in the USA has been like the previous 8 under Zuma here which led us to an economic recession just before COVID hit… We feel this painfully everyday with the Rolling Blackouts.

Yesterday for me represented a time of change symbolized by the inauguration like when the Berlin wall was torn down and Nelson Released and the IRA & UK found peace in the early 90s

Hopefully right now we are swinging into a more Wellness orientated world where fake news and idiotic tweets are not the standard but decency (democracy) and this will help our Wellness Industry to prosper as it has over the last 30 years.

Collective Wellness is the key to humanity going forward and COVID is giving us a sharp lesson in this.

Hope is the flame that creates the light.